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Blood Pressure Measurement

High blood pressure (hypertension)

High blood pressure (hypertension) is a problem in a quarter of all cats over 8 years old. Unfortunately the increase in pressure can lead to kidney, heart, brain and eye disease including sudden onset blindness from retinal detachment.

What can we do?

All cats 9 years and above should have their blood pressure measured every 6 -12months. Appropriate treatment to return the blood pressure to normal can be prescribed where needed.

How do we measure blood pressure in cats?

A bit like at the our own doctor we use a blood pressure cuff. Our team are experienced with the technique and most cats tolerate it really well.

If my cat’s Blood Pressure is high what happens next?

Your cat will need to be seen by one of the Vets who will examine them and most likely recommend a liquid medication. High blood pressure can be caused by other diseases like an overactive thyroid or kidney disease which may need further investigation. We will then monitor the blood pressure regularly going forward.

How much does it cost?

All cats are welcome to one complementary Blood Pressure measurement per calendar year (Paws Club members get 2/year). Further measurements cost £15.

How do I book?

If we’ve not seen your pet for a while book a complementary Seniors Clinic and the Blood Pressure measurement will be carried out during the appointment.

If you’re recently had a Seniors without Blood Pressure measurement please just book a Blood Pressure measurement.

Call 01525 373329 or book online

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