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Canine Massage Clinic

Canine Massage Clinic

Canine Massage is now available at the practice as part of our range of therapies to manage pain, injury and osteoarthritis in pets

  • What is Myotherapy? (Canine Massage Therapy)

Myotherapy is a complementary therapy specialising in the treatment of damaged or injured muscle and allied soft tissue.

  • Why is it useful?

Muscular issues can manifest themselves in many different ways, causing physical and/or psychological stress, which can have a negative effect on how your dog functions, and can result in pain.  The pain associated with muscular discomfort is often underestimated and can be difficult to treat.  A multi-modal approach is usually the most effective way to resolve or manage musculo-skeletal issues, of which massage is one aspect.

  • How does it help?

Myotherapy promotes good muscle function. Jackie works using specialised knowledge and palpation techniques to identify changes in muscle tone, in order to provide a targeted therapy. This is achieved through a range of techniques aimed at easing congestion within the muscle and soft tissue caused through injury, compensatory or repetitive strain issues.

  • What sort of conditions can Massage Therapy help?
Massage therapy can be part of a highly effective management programme in the support of:
•Hip/Elbow Dysplasia
•Cruciate issues
  • Who is the therapist?

Jackie Dimmer is a Galen trained canine massage therapist and holds diplomas in Galen Canine Myotherapy and Exercise Physiology. She is a member of the International Association of Animal Therapists (No. 1421)

  • How do I book an appointment?

Jackie offers appointments at the practice on Tuesday lunchtimes and Wednesdays evenings. Each appointment lasts about an hour and costs £45. To book an appointment please call 01525 373329. (Referrals to Jackie must be approved by a Veterinary Surgeon under The Veterinary Surgeons Act)

Jackie is fully insured. Complementary therapies are often covered by Pet Insurance but please check your own policy.

  • I’d like to know more

For more information on Canine Massage visit Jackie’s website

For more information on helping dogs living with arthritis visit our Arthritis Clinic page

  • My appointment is booked or I’m thinking of booking – what do I need to know before I come in?

Please read our Advice sheet