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Dietary Advice

Dietary Advice

Dietary advice is available from all of our Veterinary Surgeons and qualified Veterinary Nurses.

Lifestage diets

Lifestage diets are so called because they are tailored to your pet’s stage in life. Growing puppies and kittens have very different nutritional requirements from a fully grown adult. Similarly an older pet will benefit from supplements for joint health and may require different energy levels.

Our pets are all individuals and some diets are more appropriate for some than others so please feel free to discuss your needs with a member of staff

We only recommend top quality foods for your pets that we have carefully chosen for their content, quality and production method.

Dogs and Cats

For dogs and cats we stock three brands of lifestage diets – Hills Vet Essentials, Barking Heads and Royal Canin Lifestage. The 2kg bags are available in the surgery, please come and have a look!  For a larger bag please contact us to order your personal bag by calling 01525 373329 or order online

Rabbits and Guinea Pigs

For our rabbit and guinea pig clients we have Supreme Selective and Excel diets in stock. To order call 01525 373329 or order online

Prescription Diets

Food is a very important part of treatment in many diseases. These include kidney, bladder, skin, intestinal diseases as well as pets with mobility issues and weight problems.  Your Vet will prescribe these special diets if appropriate.  Prescription diets are delivered to us daily by our suppliers and many are held in stock.  To order please call 01525 373329 for delivery to your home or for pick up at the surgery.

Daily deliveries from our suppliers mean we can source pretty much any pet food that you desire! Call us 01525 373329 or email us at  Food can be ordered to pick up at the surgery or for delivery.

For our larger pets we offer special Weight Watchers clinics.

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