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Microchip your pet for £10 all June

We are constantly helping people spread the word that their cat is missing.

The one thing we always ask is ‘Are they microchipped’ because this one thing makes such a difference to the chance of the family being reunited.

It’s simple, easy and just £10. Please just do it.

On April 6th 2016 the law changed.

All dogs over 8 weeks old in England must be microchipped, registered with an authorised database and the details kept up to date. Failure to do so can lead to a £500 fine.

If your dog is not yet microchipped you must arrange to have this done.  It’s simple, quick and inexpen

The new law aims to increase responsibility, reduce strays and deter dog theft.sive. Please call us on 01525 373329 to book your pet in.

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Ensure your lost pet is returned to you when found

The chips are the size of a grain of rice and sit under the scruff. Chips are easily inserted during a nurse appointment.

The chip contains a unique number that links via computer to your details.

If your pet is found it will usually be taken to either a rescue centre, a charity, the dog warden or a Veterinary Surgeon.

All such places usually have scanners which are handheld machines that can be used to detect and read a chip.

If a chip is found a central computer can release the details you provided at the time of chipping so you can be contacted and reunited.

Two success stories:

  • Barney’s happy ending

Barney, a lovely tabby cat, knows all too well the importance of being microchipped.  He was found in Eaton Bray and quickly took up board and lodging with 2 neighbours, although nobody knew where his real owners were.

One of the families brought him into Ark House for a check up, where we discovered that he had been microchipped, and intriguingly that his registered owners’ address was in Devon!  Our first thoughts was that this must simply be an old address, but when we rang the number listed, the family confirmed that Barney was their cat, and that he had been missing for about 3 months.  After extensive searching locally, they had given up hope of finding him.  We’re still not quite sure how the resourceful cat made it from Devon to Bedfordshire, but within days he was back home with his family and feline friends in Devon.  And Barney’s would-be adopters have now given a home to a rescue cat so the story ends happily for everyone – all thanks to a humble little microchip!

  • Jasper’s Story

In September last year, Jasper, a blue whippet, disappeared in suspicious circumstances and his family searched tirelessly for him, with campaigns throughout social media. He was nowhere to be found.

Then in March 2015 Jasper’s owners got the call they had been waiting for – he had been found running amongst traffic in West Sussex. A lovely dog owner had taken him to a local vets to be scanned, where his chip had revealed his true identity. Jasper was reunited the next day with his delighted family and he seems pretty unscathed, if a little skinny. It appears that he was stolen and then sold on, before escaping from his unsuspecting new owners to be reunited with his family in Leighton Buzzard.

So it seems that dreams do come true! We’re so happy that this story has a happy ending,because without his microchip, Jasper would never have been found. Jasper’s story shows just how vital it is to microchip your pets. More about Jasper in Paws Magazine

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