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Pet Planning

Pet Planning

Here at Ark House Vets we know just how special the bond with a pet is, and that our four-legged friends enhance our lives in so many ways.

Of course, welcoming a new pet into your home brings responsibilities and expense alongside the cuddles and excitement, and so it’s really important to be fully prepared.

If you haven’t had a pet before, or it’s been a while, you might be surprised at some of the practicalities and realities of pet parenting that you may not have considered – which is where our free Pet Planning sessions can really help.

Our friendly and experienced nurses will guide and advise you towards choosing the right pet for your lifestyle, considering a wide range of topics such as:

  • The pros and cons of adopting and buying
  • Selecting the right breed and breeder
  • Rehoming an older pet
  • Buying the right equipment
  • Getting your home pet-ready
  • Expected lifetime costs
  • Routine preventative care
  • Exercise and diet regimes

Whether you’re considering a rabbit, guinea pig, dog or cat or an alternative small furry, bringing home a new pet is not a decision that can be taken lightly. When it comes to choosing the right pet for you, we can help lighten the load.

It’s quick and simple to book an appointment online at a time that suits you, please visit our Booking Page and choose ‘Pet Planning’.

More resources

For further information before you get a new puppy read the Puppy Contract. You should take this with you on your first visit to a breeder.

For more information about getting  a kitten read the Kitten Checklist from the BVA

Visit PDSA’s Which Pet website for advice on which pet is right for you.

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