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We can refer you to a Physiotherapist.

A vital part of treatment and recovery for many human problems, physiotherapy is just as important in pets!

Sally Medcalf is an ACPAT Chartered Physiotherapist, an experienced human and animal physiotherapist and holds a Masters degree in veterinary physiotherapy from the Royal Veterinary College. Sally is also a Grade 6 dog agility handler and an Agility Club Approved Instructor (ACAI), as well as teaching on the Canine and Equine Physiotherapy Training course (CEPT) accredited by Middlesex Uni. You can be sure that your pets are in very safe hands!

Does my pet need physiotherapy?

If any of these statements apply, it is likely that your pet would benefit from physiotherapy:

  • Recently undergone surgery, suffered an injury or an accident
  • Lost enthusiasm for playing and running or gets tired on walks
  • Reluctant to jump in the car or onto the sofa
  • Developed difficulty going up or down stairs
  • Become generally stiff or weak
  • Shown signs of tenderness to touch
  • Shown signs of lost mobility or function associated with old age or arthritis
  • Developed an unexplainable behavioural problem
  • Recently shown a loss of performance (competition dogs)

Pets of all ages can suffer from a variety of orthopaedic and neurological disorders and physiotherapy plays a vital role in the management of these conditions. Physiotherapy aims to provide pain relief, restore mobility and regain function. It can also increase the speed and quality of healing in wounds, muscles, ligaments, tendons and bones following injury or surgery.

Working and sporting dogs are susceptible to additional stresses and strains. Any loss of performance during the season should be investigated, to identify and treat minor musculo-skeletal injuries that have gone unnoticed, which left untreated cause more serious damage over time. It is also recommended that working dogs have pre and post season health checks to screen for minor injuries.

What will the treatment involve?

Pets referred for physiotherapy will be given a thorough assessment, from which an individual treatment plan will be prescribed. Treatment may include:

  • Manual therapies such as massage, stretches, and joint mobilisations
  • Electrotherapies such as laser, ultrasound, and electromagnetic energy therapy
  • Exercise programmes to stabilise, mobilise and strengthen.
  • A home programme to complement individual physiotherapy sessions

If you would like more information and advice, or want to contact Sally for a physiotherapy assessment for your pet, please call Sally on 01296 622503.

Sally Medcalf MSc (Vet Physio) ACPAT Cat A; MCSP

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