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Senior Health Consults

Senior Health Consults

Senior consultations are complementary and are offered to all dogs aged 7yrs and older and all cats 9yrs and over.

Dogs and cats are now living much longer than they used to and it is not unusual
for cats to reach 20 years old and dogs 15. As our pets reach middle age and
beyond it is wise to keep an eye out for potential health problems that are better
tackled in the early stages. Prompt attention to any problems help to smooth the
way for a fit and happy middle and older age.

Sometimes it’s hard to think that one’s pet is of an age when it makes sense to be more pro-active, but experience has shown us that a professional eye can often spot a problem early and early intervention can really benefit an animal’s quality of life.

When a dog is over 7yrs and a cat over 9 yrs it is advisable to closely monitor things such as mobility, water intake, diet, coat condition, eyesight, hearing, weight, dental health,and any lumps or bumps. Annual Vaccination provides an opportunity for yearly health checks but we would invite you to take advantage of this free health check to ensure he or she is examined every 6 months.

If your pet is in this age group simply call 01525 373329 to book an appointment with one of our Qualified Veterinary Nurses for a Senior check up or Book Online

Our Qualified Veterinary Nurses examine your pet, particularly looking for problems affecting our older animals such as lumps, weight problems, oral health and stiffness.  If possible please bring a fresh urine sample with you (quite easy in dogs, less so with cats!) for a complementary urine test.

Cats will have a Blood Pressure Measurement done as they are prone to high blood pressure – all cats receive one complementary blood pressure measurement a year (2 for Paws Club members).

In addition blood tests are available at special rates if requested to detect early signs of kidney, liver or thyroid disease.

We do hope you will take advantage of this chance to help to give your pet the best possible quality of life in his or her senior years.

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Is your dog slowing up?

Find out if your dog may actually be suffering from arthritis – print out a Symptoms Checklist PDF and bring it with you to your next appointment to show your Vet or Vet Nurse.