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Behaviour service testimonials

Behaviour service testimonials

‘When I was recommended to contact you for a behaviour consultation I was really quite desperate at how I was going to resolve the increasingly serious dog aggression problems my 2 year old Border Terrier was manifesting. When upset by another dog he would go for anything in reach, resulting in numerous superficial bites to my legs before ‘the big one’ where I ended up with a serious bite to my calf which became infected and needed antibiotics for over a week!

‘Having tried and failed with the ‘calm and assertive’ approach I then talked to several ‘dog trainers’ in my search for help, becoming increasingly disappointed by advice which seemed to be formulaic. One trainer didn’t even feel the need to meet the dog to sort out the problem!

‘Your approach was ‘a breath of fresh air’: not only did you ask for comprehensive information about my dog before we met, you then turned up with ‘stooge dogs’ so you could witness at first hand our behaviour when confronted with another dog.

‘You explained my dog’s aggressive reactions as driven by fear and, using your wonderfully tolerant spaniels, worked us through the stages of how to build towards successful interactions with other dogs. I felt relaxed and confident in your presence, which had a positive impact on my dog handling and on the outcome of the session. It was also very good to hear that my dog was not a ‘lost cause’ but also that there was no ‘magic fix’.

‘After our second session, and your input with my 2 yr old GSD bitch who was just clumsy when meeting other dogs, life is definitely a whole lot less stressful. The majority of outings are now incident free despite the fact that we don’t avoid places where we might meet other dogs. The best part has been being able to take both dogs to some One Day Events where there were dogs everywhere and no problems.

‘My Border Terrier seems generally more relaxed with everyone and his recall is much improved around the yard. I now always walk him on a long lead when we are in the countryside so there has been no team chasing of animals for a while. Thanks for your input and I look forward to a top up session in the not too distant future.’ BW

‘Just wanted to give you a quick update on Ruby

‘After just 2 days following your recommendations she has transformed!

‘She will still walk too far ahead but as soon as the leash goes taut she corrects herself and looks at me. We have managed to walk with eye contact and trotting alongside for 10 metres – I couldn’t have imagined that 3 days ago. And for the first time in 14 months I don’t have bruising on my hand and wrist from the constant pulling.

‘Today I tried her off leash for the first time since Wednesday – it was a treat for having walked so well for the preceding 40 minutes. Usually when she gets to the field she will bolt and stay away for at least a few minutes and certainly not let me catch her. Because she knew I had her toy in my bag she wouldn’t leave me alone! So we had a quick game and then put it away and I gave her the command to go. Off she went and when she was about a 100 yards away I sceptically called her name and waved the toy – she couldn’t get back fast enough! It was a real pleasure to actually walk along together and be silly and play. It is how I imagined it should be.

‘Thank you so much Hannah. Your knowledge and skill have given both Ruby and I a new lease of life. I have no doubt that she will occasionally challenge me and of course walking nicely for 10m is not so far as to be perfect but it is a great start.’ Katy and Ruby

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