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Category: reproductive problems

If you are not planning to breed from your pet you should consider having them neutered. You should discuss the benefits and other considerations with your own vet. If female cats are roaming outside they will get pregnant if they are not neutered and entire tom cats can be a nuisance to others and are more likely to get into fights than neutered males. If you do decide to breed from your cat you should also seek advice from your vet. Most cats have kittens without any problems but it is important to be prepared in case things do go wrong.

Rearing Orphan Kittens

Hand rearing a kitten or kittens can be an extremely rewarding experience but it is not a job to be taken on lightly. The task ahead is difficult, exhausting and there is no guarantee of success. However hard you try, you are

Pyometra (‘Pyo’ Or Womb Infection)

Pyometra is a common disease in un-neutered female cats and dogs that requires major surgery to cure. Though potentially very serious, many animals respond well to the treatment and can expect to make a full recovery. The best way to protect

Breeding From Your Cat

A female cat (queen) can produce several litters of kittens every year throughout her life. If you don't want the responsibility of finding good homes for the kittens you should have your queen neutered. Keeping an un-neutered queen indoors is not a

Birth control in the queen

Most responsible cat owners want to prevent unplanned breeding and the production of unwanted kittens. Most forms of birth control prevent the heat cycle of queens, and so mating and conception does not occur. The cycle can be controlled permanently