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Cats tend to find travelling very stressful and in most cases they are best left at home or put into a cattery whilst their owner is away. However, if you need to take any pet on a longer journey it is important that you are properly prepared.

Cats from the UK are now permitted to travel abroad and return home without a quarantine period provided strict rules are followed. Cats travelling abroad require a pet passport and must be vaccinated against rabies. There are a number of other potential problems to consider before taking your pet on holiday with you so always consult your vet for advice before travelling.

Travelling: leaving your pet behind

International travel is becoming increasingly common for pets and the Pet Travel Scheme (PETS), which even allows limited movement of pets through Europe and the UK, is now fully operational. However, many pet owners still prefer to leave their pets

Travelling with your cat

Travelling can be a stressful experience for human beings and it is probably equally so for cats, although for different reasons. While your cat is not going to be worried about arriving at its destination on time it will have

Taking your pet abroad

The Pet Travel Scheme (PETS) allows for limited movement of pets between the UK and some European countries under controlled conditions. What do I need to take my pet abroad? If you wish to take your pet abroad with you and bring it home again

Pet passports

Pet passports are part of the European Union (EU) Regulation on the movement of pet animals. Certain non-EU listed countries may also issue a passport. Cats travelling on Pet Passports must be treated against tapeworms before entering the UK from most countries.

Choosing a cattery

It would probably be less traumatic for our pets to have 'cat sitters'; enabling them to remain in their home environment when we go away or are on holiday and have to leave them in the care of another. The