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Category: Pet care

Owning a pet is highly rewarding and the benefits of the companionship offered by a small pet in the home should not be under estimated. However along with the fun of owning the pet comes a lot of responsibility. Before acquiring a pet it is important to think careful about the type of pet that will meet your needs and fit in with your lifestyle.

Dogs, in particular, can be quite costly to feed and there are a whole raft of routine healthcare aspects that must be addressed. Dogs should be treated regularly for fleas and worms – preferably with products from your veterinary surgery. Although it is now possible to buy similar products elsewhere, the products from your vet will be specially formulated for pets and your vet can provide the best advice for your individual animal. In addition dogs and cats need vaccinations on a regular basis (at least once a year) to protect them against some of the serious diseases they can be exposed to outside of the home.

It would be rare for even the best cared for pet to go through the whole of its life without any health problems. To protect against unforeseen bills it might be worth considering health care insurance for your pet.

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Fleas are the most common parasite in dogs and every dog is likely to be infected at some stage in its life. However, with the advent of modern products it is possible to prevent fleas from becoming a problem in your household.