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Category: reproductive problems

If you are not planning to breed from your pet you should consider having them neutered. You should discuss the benefits and other considerations with your own vet. If you decide to breed from your bitch you should also seek advice from your vet. Most bitches have puppies without any problems but it is important to be prepared in case things do go wrong.

Dogs, particularly those that have not been neutered and are not having puppies, can develop problems associated with their reproductive system. Bitches can have false pregnancies and may develop infections in the uterus (pyometra). Tumours of the testicles may develop in male dogs, particularly when the testicles have not descended fully into the scrotum. Male animals, just like human males, can develop prostate diseases in later life. Neutering in dogs and cats usually involves removal of the uterus and ovaries in females and the testicles in males so problems that might otherwise develop with these organs can be avoided.

Whelping – Potential Problems

Just like it is for women, giving birth is a completely natural process for bitches. In most cases the delivery will go smoothly and your bitch will manage better without any interference. However, you should keep a watchful eye on

Pyometra (‘Pyo’ Or Womb Infection)

Pyometra is a common disease in un-neutered female dogs that requires major surgery to cure. Though potentially very serious, many animals respond well to the treatment and can expect to make a full recovery. The best way to protect your female pet against

Hand-Rearing Puppies

Fortunately it is very unusual for a mother to be unable to rear her puppies herself. Taking on the task of bringing up a litter of puppies is rightly daunting and it requires considerable dedication for the first 4 weeks.

Eclampsia (Puerperal Tetany)

Canine eclampsia, also sometimes wrongly called  "milk fever", is a dangerous condition brought on by low levels of calcium in the blood stream. It is also called hypocalcaemia and puerperal tetany and needs emergency veterinary attention. Is my dog at risk of

Cryptorchidism (Retained Testicles)

When a male puppy is in the womb its testicles are drawn up inside the body. After birth the testicles begin a journey from inside the tummy (abdomen) to the scrotum. Both testicles should have descended to the scrotum by

Breeding From Your Dog

A bitch (female dog) can produce 1-2 litters of puppies each year. If you are not intending to let your bitch have puppies then you might consider having her neutered. However, if you do decide to breed from your bitch there

Birth control in the bitch

Most responsible dog owners want to prevent unplanned breeding and the production of unwanted puppies. Most forms of birth control prevent the heat cycle of bitches, and so mating and conception does not occur. The cycle can be controlled permanently