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Category: respiratory problems

Many dogs will have an episode of coughingat some point in their life. In most cases this will resolve without any treatment and dogs will not be particularly unwell. The most common cause of coughing in young dogs is ‘kennel cough’ – in most cases kennel cough causes severe coughing for 2 or 3 weeks although affected dogs are not unwell. In older dogs coughing can be due to a variety of problems and may be the result of diseases of the lungs or heart.

If your dog has been coughing for more than 3 or 4 days or is unwell in any other way with a cough contact your vet for advice.

Sneezing Dogs

All dogs, like people, sneeze sometimes - this is completely normal and should not cause you any concern. However, if your dog cannot stop sneezing, shows signs of distress while sneezing or continues to sneeze intermittently for more than a

Lungworms In Dogs (Oslerus Osleri)

There are several species of worms that can infect the airways of dogs and these are termed lungworms. One of these, Oslerus osleri (previously known as Filaroides osleri) is a parasitic worm with the adult worms found in the upper airways (trachea). Infection is

Lungworms In Dogs (Angiostrongylus)

Referring to Angiostrongylus vasorum as a lungworm is quite misleading. Although the early stages of the parasite do affect the lungs and severely infected dogs may show signs of coughing, other signs are far more common. These lungworms (Angiostrongylus vasorum) are also

Laryngeal Paralysis

Laryngeal paralysis causes respiratory (breathing) noise and exercise intolerance in medium and large breeds of dogs. The disease is very slowly progressive and may start very subtly, so by the time you notice significant breathing noise or inability to exercise it might

Coupage For Dogs

If you think your pet has a respiratory condition that might benefit from coupage, seek advice as soon as possible from your veterinary surgeon or veterinary physiotherapist. What is coupage? Coupage is a form of chest physiotherapy that when performed correctly

Coughing In Dogs

It is not uncommon for dogs to cough occasionally. However, if your pet is coughing frequently or has persistent episodes of coughing then you should seek veterinary advice. There are many causes of coughing and many of these can be

Collapsing Trachea

If you have a small dog that coughs every time it gets excited or pulls on its lead it may be suffering from tracheal collapse. Tracheal collapse results in narrowing of the airway and, if left untreated, can progress over

Brachycephalic upper airway obstruction syndrome (BUAOS)

If you are considering buying, or already own, a dog with a short nose such as a Pug, Boston terrier, Pekingese or Bulldog then you need to be aware of the welfare issues surrounding brachycephalic upper airway obstruction syndrome. What