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Category: owning a rabbit

Rabbits are now the third most popular pet animal in the UK. There has been a gradual change in attitude from the rabbit as a pet confined to a hutch at the bottom of the garden to one which is as much a part of the family as a dog or cat.

Pet shops have been the traditional places to buy pet rabbits but, unfortunately, they are not always the best places. Rabbits in pet shops are often stressed and, as a result, are susceptible to disease and it is usually better to buy a rabbit direct from the breeder. A list of registered rabbit breeders is available from Pet Plan or the British Rabbit Council. For non-pedigree rabbits contact your local animal welfare charity, or look at the advertisement board in your veterinary practice, newspapers and your local post office or newsagents shop.

Owning a rabbit, like any pet, is a big responsibility. Before you bring a rabbit home you need to make sure you have an appropriate place to keep it and know how to look after a rabbit. There are many important aspects to rabbit care and many of the factsheets here will provide the information you need to know.

Rabbit proofing your home

Living with a house rabbit isn't something that happens with little or no preparation, and one of the most important things you need to do before moving a bunny into your home is to make the environment safe for them.

Rabbit companions

Rabbits are social animals; in the wild large groups will live happily together, providing company, security and physical grooming to each other. Company of their own kind is just as important for pet rabbits too. However, to ensure that the

Is a rabbit right for me?

Rabbits are now the third most popular pet animal in the UK. TV programmes like Pet Rescue and Animal Hospital and organisations like the British House Rabbit Association are educating people about responsible rabbit ownership. This is resulting in a

Housing your rabbit

Whether your rabbit lives indoors or outdoors it needs somewhere to call home. Hutches and runs come in lots of different shapes and sizes. Choosing the right one is important to ensure that you have a happy rabbit. Hutches Dimensions

Choosing a rabbit

Choosing a new pet is a very exciting time but you should take care not to make decisions about a new rabbit on impulse! Where should I get a rabbit from? Pet shops are the traditional places to buy pet