Out of Hours

What to do in an emergency

We believe that our pets should get the same level of emergency care as we expect at A&E. For this reason, our dedicated emergency service uses Vets and Nurses experienced in emergency work, who only work during the nights or weekends and are therefore fresh for any ill animal.

In an emergency call our normal number 01525 373329.

You will be given a choice of three clinics who can help. We will connect your call to them directly.

Click on their links for maps, directions and contact details.

  1. Vets Now Milton Keynes
  2. Vets Now Barton-le-Clay 
  3. Vets Now Hemel Hempstead

They may recommend that your pet should be seen and will be happy to give you directions.

A professional team will be waiting for you. Please don’t worry about waking them up at 3am – that’s what they are there for!

Any information about visits and treatment made by our clients at Vets Now is emailed to us in the early morning so should your pet require a re-examination we will have all the details we need.

(Please note there is now no emergency clinic in Luton)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • At Vets Now your pet is monitored regularly throughout the night, just as they would be during the day, by qualified staff who only work at night.

  • Yes, there are always at least 2 qualified members of staff (a vet and a nurse) in the clinic with your pet.

  • There is always an awake member of staff in the clinic with your pet to react if circumstances change.

  • No, unfortunately it’s not likely to be. Only practices offering a dedicated night team of vets and nurses like at Vets Now can offer the same service. It’s always good idea to check that day staff are not covering nights by sleeping at the practice, checking the inpatients once or twice during the night. Things can change very quickly when you are caring for sick pets and clinicians need to be awake and observing your sick pet to know when to intervene. At Vets Now the team are ready to do the best for your pet.

  • It has always cost more to see a vet out of normal hours. You will be given an estimate of costs over the phone and by the vet that you see at the clinic.

  • Watch the Vets Now ‘what to expect’ video on YouTube

    If you believe your pet does not require emergency treatment but you wish to book an appointment with us quickly then you can book online.

  • The practice closes at 7:00pm Monday to Friday and there is no-one on the premises until 8:00am the next morning. On Saturdays the practice usually closes at 3:00pm and there is no-one on the premises until Monday morning.

    Any pets that are in the building overnight will be there by special arrangement by a Vet and their owner. All pets are checked last thing before we close and first thing in the morning.