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COVID-19 Update Please see our latest client guidelines below

Coronavirus response

Our priority is to continue providing a service to your pets when they need us. While doing this the team need to practice social distancing by reducing their exposure to the general public and each other.

Can we see your pet?

If your pet is unwell please call us on 01525 373329  – we can arrange a remote online Consultation in the first instance if appropriate. If your pet need to be seen in the practice you will be advised.

Non urgent queries and repeat prescriptions – please email us on or book a telephone call back and we will help you.

We can see in the practice (observing social distancing):

  • Emergencies – please scroll down for examples of these
  • Sick and unwell animals that we cannot treat remotely
  • End of life care – euthanasia

For the following procedures a Vet will need to do an individual risk assessment to decide when best to see you. Please contact the surgery.

  • All vaccinations
  • Neutering

We cannot do at present:

  • Most other preventative healthcare appointments including Kennel Cough Vaccinations,  routine dental procedures, routine health checks, nail clips, anal glands. However if your pet is uncomfortable please do contact us.
  • Weight watchers, Dental, Kidney, Diabetic, Arthritis Clinics – however our nurses are available for Phone Consultations on appropriate clinic types -please email us/book a telephone call back to ask.

We are changing the way we work:

  • Remote video consultations are the first line for all unwell pets except those with immediate risk to life
  • Routine medicine check ups and medical prescriptions can now be performed by phone/video call – please download the free Zoom cloud meetings app. Prescription Checks can be temporarily moved from a 3 month timeframe to 6 months is some cases.
  • Home visits will only be performed as an absolute last resort after consultation with a Vet.
  • Always call before coming to us – no walk ins
  • Our team are there but the doors are closed.
  • Please scroll down for a Q and A and FAQs.

What to do:

    • If your pet is unwell please call us on 01525 373329. We will probably arrange a video/phone consultation. There will be a consultation fee charged.
    • Do not come to the surgery unless by prior arrangement. There are team members there for emergencies only, the doors are shut. 
    • If you have a non- urgent query or question please either email us or book an online telephone triage call back 
    • If you are asked to bring your pet in, when you arrive at the practice, please CALL our reception team on 01525 373329 and you will be advised when your pet can enter the practice. The doors will be closed
    • Please do wait in your car and the team will call you/come to you
    • If you need to collect medication or food please call ahead, pay over the phone and we will post/ bring it to your car when you arrive. No walk ins.
    • If you are asked to come to the practice please stay 2m away from other people.
    • Please do book a telephone triage call back to discuss your individual situation if you would like.
    • The practice will at close at 7pm every week day. Normal arrangements for Out of Hours call remain in place. Call 01525 373329.
    • If you have received a reminder for your pet’s booster or other clinic please book a Telephone Call back  or email us or call 01525 373329 after 11am.
    • Payment over the phone only
    • Please use our hand wash on arrival and departure.

       We’re focusing on keeping our team healthy for those pets who desperately need us..


      In response to the latest government guidelines we are now only open for patients for that need essential care to avoid unnecessary suffering or maintain animal welfare. In order to help you understand the best way to look after your pet please review the below Q&A

      What conditions constitutes an emergency needing immediate care?

      If any of the below are occurring contact us IMMEDIATELY by calling 01525 373329

      · Breathing difficulties

      · Open wound injuries

      · Trauma (e.g. car accidents)

      · Male cats struggling in the litter tray to pass urine

      · Rabbits neglecting food

      · Swallowing hazards clothes etc

      · Ingestion of poison/harmful substances

      · Eye problems

      · Vomiting or diarrhoea especially if your pet appears quiet or depressed or if it is going on for a long time (more than 24 hours)

      · Swollen abdomen or retching (especially large dogs)

      · Loss of thirst & appetite

      · Struggling to give birth

      · Seizuring/fitting

      · Collapse

      I am concerned about my pet’s health in general but I do not think it is an emergency?

      To respect social distancing rules we are replacing our standard consultation service with video and telephone consultations. Please call us on 01525 373329 to arrange an appointment. We will set up a remote video/phone consultation with a Vet. If we then advise you to bring your pet down to us there is not a duplicate charge.

      Can I bring my pet in for an INITIAL VACCINATION COURSE?

      Yes – please call us on 01525 373329 after 11am, email us or book a call back.

      Can I bring my pet in for its ANNUAL VACCINATION BOOSTER?

      Yes. Please contact us first to discuss as there may be a delay to some vaccinations. Please contact us by email, call 01525 373329 after 11am or book a telephone triage call back A Vet will perform a risk assessment of your own situation and advise.

      NB Rabbits – please do contact us when your vaccine is due. These vaccines are important, particularly at this high risk time of year.

      Can I bring in my pet for a HEALTH CHECK?

      Not at this moment in time because this is not deemed critical. However, depending on availability, we may be able to conduct a health check via a video or telephone consultation. Please ask the practice for further information.

      Can I bring my pet in for NAIL CLIPS? Or to have their ANAL GLANDS expressed?

      This should be postponed if you your pet is not in any danger of feeling discomfort. However if you are uncertain whether this is the case please arrange a video consultation or telephone consultation with the vet or the nurse by contacting us as above.

      How can I get my FLEA, WORM, TICK and FLYSTRIKE treatments?

      It is very important that you continue to give your pet the appropriate treatments. Please email us at /book a call back to make suitable arrangements.


      It is important that you continue to give your pet the appropriate food and medication. Please book an online telephone call back here and one of our team will be in touch. Or email us as above.

      Can my pet still have ELECTIVE OPERATIONS such as Neutering and Lumps removals?

      Please contact us for a risk assessment on your particular pet’s situation. Surgical operations mean the team are unable to practice social distancing and often use valuable oxygen supplies.  However the welfare of your pet may require the procedure to be done.

      What about ULTRASOUNDS and BLOOD TESTS?

      If they are required for your pet’s welfare they will be performed.

      I’ve booked a telephone triage call back. Who will call me back? Will it be a Vet?

      It will usually be a Registered Veterinary Nurse or a Front of House team member, depending on your query. They can help you book a consultation by videocall with a Vet if it’s advised. The Vets are very busy doing video calls and treating emergencies.

      I think I know what’s wrong with my pet. Can you just give me the medicine?

      Vets can only prescribe prescription medicines under certain conditions and are obliged by law to have followed specific criteria at all times, even now. During COVID19 the RCVS have sensibly allowed medicines to be prescribed after a remote consultation instead of face to face in certain circumstances. Please follow our vets’ advice – it is for your pet’s welfare.

    • (Code of conduct 4.4. – POM-V medicines must be prescribed by a veterinary surgeon, who must first carry out a clinical assessment of the animal under his or her care.)
  • The above still hasn’t answered my question?

    Please book a telephone call back online and a member of the team will be in touch