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Alabama Rot

Alabama Rot

Alabama Rot

There have been varying local news reports about Alabama Rot. Dogs may present with area of red or ulcerated skin, often on the feet or legs. Over a period of time kidney failure develops. Unfortunately the disease often proves fatal.

As yet the cause of this disease is unknown so it is impossible to give solid advice on how to avoid it. Recent advice has included washing mud from your dog after a walk.

If you are concerned then please call us on 01525 373329.

If your dog develops any skin lesions or loses their appetite/becomes lethargic we would always recommend you book an appointment to see a Vet.

UPDATE Jan 2018 – Andersen Moores Vets

‘Unfortunately, we have to confirm 10 further cases of cutaneous and renal glomerular vasculopathy (often termed CRGV or Alabama Rot). The cases were from Sacriston (County Durham), Guiseley (West Yorkshire), Bury and Bolton (Greater Manchester), Leek (Staffordshire), Petworth (West Sussex), Brighton (East Sussex), West Coker (Somerset), Bishop’s Tawton (Devon), and Presteigne in Powys.

This brings the total number of confirmed cases to 122 since 2012, with 37 cases in 2017 and the first two in 2018. We continue to advise owners to be vigilant and to seek advice from their local vet if their dog develops unexplained skin lesions/sores.

To recognise some of the signs of Alabama Rot, click here.

If you’re concerned about the spread of Alabama Rot in your area, please visit to see a map of confirmed cases.

Published: 25-01-2018

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