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Free Microchipping with neutering

Complementary Microchip when your pet is neutered this February

Give a gift this Valentines that might save your pet's life. 

When your pet is neutered this February we will pop a microchip in at no extra cost. 

If your pet is lost or stolen it's easy for them to be identified and returned to you.

Why microchip?

The chips are the size of a grain of rice and sit under the scruff. Chips are easily inserted during a nurse appointment.

The chip contains a unique number that links via computer to your details.

If your pet is found it will usually be taken to either a rescue centre, a charity, the dog warden or a Veterinary Surgeon. 

All such places usually have scanners which are handheld machines that can be used to detect and read a chip.

If a chip is found a central computer can release the details you provided at the time of chipping so you can be contacted and reunited.

Barney's microchipping success story 

Why should I neuter my pet?

Book your appointment today on 01525 373329

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