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Summer Tips for your pet

Summer Tips for your pet

We love the summer – well most of us!

But this time of year can also present some potential hazards. Here’s our handy checklist to help you avoid any extra pet-related dramas:

  • Fleas and Ticks – Warmer weather means more of these critters to irritate and cause health problems.Make sure your pets are protected – there are effective tablets and spot ons now available, so please feel free to talk to us about what works for you.
  • Flystrike – A real problem for bunnies in the warmer weather, as flies lay eggs on soiled and wet fur. Check your bunnies’ bottoms twice daily and use ‘Rearguard’ to prevent any maggots developing to a dangerous stage.
  • Heatstroke – Humans sweat when we get hot, but pets can only sweat from their paws and even then, not much. Dogs lose heat primarily through panting,cats are less likely to exercise in the heat and will nap in the shade. It’s important therefore not to let your pet overheat:
  1.  Never leave your pet in a car or caravan – even in the shade. The vehicle will quickly become like an oven.
  2. Avoid exercising your dog in the heat of the day.  It’s better to walk them early or late at night during hot weather.
  3. Always provide shade in your garden if your pet is outside with you. Shade rabbit and guinea pig runs.
  4. Fans and ice water to drink can help to cool down pets in hot weather.
  • Grass seeds – These little blighters are great at getting into your dog’s feet and ears on a walk. Being very sharp at one end, they are able to travel through a pet’s body tissues and cause significant damage, so always check yourdog’s feet and ears after walks.
  • Harvest mites (Trombiculae) – The larvae are tiny 0.2mm orange/yellow insects that can cause significant skin disease in susceptible animals, usually in late summer.Keep an eye out for the tell tale orange/yellow colour and contact us for advice if you think your pet is affected.

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