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Ticks can seriously damage your health

Informative image: Tick - Ixodes ricinusWe are seeing a large amount of pets with ticks. Ticks in the UK mainly belong to the Ixodes family. They feed on blood by attaching themselves to you or your pet. There can be local skin reactions which sometimes need treatment but the real danger is that ticks transmit Lyme disease, a very serious disease to pets and people.

Informative image: Tick - DermacentorAlso there are now reports of the european tick dermacentor being found in the UK on dogs. The recent cases of Canine Babesiosis are thought to be linked to the establishment of these ticks in the UK.

And a report on the high level of ticks on pets in the uk - an article in The Telegraph highlights the risks.

It's vital to recognise and treat tick infestation in animals (and people).

  • Check your pet after a walk.
  • If you find a tick remove it with a tick remover or contact your vet.
  • Use a spot on or spray from your Vet to protect against ticks and so spread of disease.

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