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Winter health risks

Winter health risks

Antifreeze Poisoning

Sadly we see poisoning with antifreeze every year. Even a very small amount of antifreeze can cause kidney failure and death.

To help prevent this:

  • Please clean up any spillages immediately  – no matter how small.
  • Keep all containers tightly sealed and away from pets, clearly labelled.
  • Check your car is not leaking coolant onto your driveway.
  • Always dispose of antifreeze safely and responsibly.
  • If you suspect your pet has been in contact with antifreeze contact us immediately. The signs of poisoning (vomiting, depression, seizures) do not show until 2 days or so after exposure – by which time it is often too late to save a pet.

Rock Salt Poisoning

Salt used on roads in cold weather can cause illness if pets lick the salt from their paws. Clean your pets paws with water or a mild shampoo after walking in rock salt. If you are concerned that your pet has eaten some rock salt please contact us immediately

Knock knock!

In cold weather cats are known to seek out the warm engine of vehicles. Please knock on your bonnet before driving away – you may save a life.

Outdoor water bowls?

Please check them as they freeze and refreeze through the day.

Small furries?

Should be indoors in very cold temperatures, either in a heated ventilated garage/shed or in the house. Beware of car fumes in garages too – this can be fatal.

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