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Junior Health Consults

Junior Health Consults

Junior consultations are complementary for all puppies aged around 7-9 months and kittens and bunnies at around 6 months.

Once your cute bundle is out of that baby stage, thundering through teenage times and approaching adulthood, we recommend you bring him or her along to the Surgery for a junior check up.

The consultation is designed to give you time to chat about any problems you may have and to give you advice on the best way to make sure that he or she continues to develop into a well adjusted, healthy, happy adult.

In addition all clients attending will be given a discount voucher for use if your pet is neutered.

Junior Checks are performed by our Registered Qualified Veterinary Nurses who have around 40 years of experience between them!

They will be happy to give you advice on any health related issues such as neutering, worming, dental care, diet and coat health as well as behaviour or training issues.

Adolescence is a very important stage in your pet’s life and it is vital that we
continue to keep on the right track towards adulthood.

Please telephone the Surgery on 01525 373329 to make an appointment for a junior check up or Book Online