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Kidney Clinics

Kidney Clinics

Our Kidney Clinics support clients and their pets with renal disease

Chronic renal failure, sometimes referred to as kidney disease, is one of the most common conditions affecting older cats. It can occur in younger cats but is most commonly seen in middle to old-aged cats, becoming increasingly common with age. It can also affect dogs but is much less common.

It has been estimated that around one in five cats aged over 15 years has renal failure.

In most cases, chronic renal failure is progressive over time, with gradual advancement and worsening of the disease.

The rate of progression varies considerably between individuals.

Appropriate support (dietary management) and treatment can both increase the quality of life of affected cats and prolong life by slowing down the advancement of the disease. Cats with renal disease are more likely to suffer from high blood pressure, so this is measured and managed if elevated.

Initial signs can be quite vague – a reduced appetite, lethargy, weight loss and often thirst and more urine production. Diagnosis is confirmed with urine and blood tests to measure any build up of toxins and check the ability of the kidney to concentrate urine.

Our Kidney Clinics support clients with pets that are dealing with renal disease – providing regular weight, urine and blood pressure checks as well as blood tests as recommended by your vet, support with food choices and general advice to ensure that cats with renal disease are living life to the full.

You can book an appointment at the Kidney Clinic by calling 01525 373329.

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