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Pets Travel

Pets Travel

Going away? Read this now!

If you are planning on taking your fur family abroad then there are important things you need to do!

BREXIT – If you are planning to travel to the EU from the UK you should read the information below.


  • The agreement between the UK and the EU after Brexit is currently unknown.
  • It is possible that the UK will be an ‘unlisted third country’ for a period of time after we leave.
  • This would mean that additional requirements would be needed for a pet to travel to the EU.
  • These requirements can take 4 months to fulfill.

What are they? If the UK is an ‘unlisted third country’ all pets will need to have:

  • Microchip
  • Rabies Vaccination
  • Blood test for rabies antibodies taken at least 30 days after vaccination showing a sufficient amount of antibody against rabies
  • A travel document/health certificate that can only be issued THREE MONTHS after the date the successful blood test was taken. The document is valid for entry to the EU for 10 days and for 4 months onward travel in the EU.
  • If the blood test does not show adequate levels the pet will need to be vaccinated and then blood tested again 30 days later, the three month wait would be from that blood test date.

I already have a Pets Passport and have been going to Europe for a while. Does this apply to my pet?

Yes. It applies to any pet going from the UK to the EU. Your pet will need a successful blood test and travel document only, assuming your rabies vaccine is up to date and the microchip reads.

My pet has already had a blood test for rabies under the old Pets Travel rules and their vaccines have always been kept up to date. Do I need another blood test? 

No. You will need a copy of the original blood test results to show at the border like everyone else as well as the new Travel Document mentioned above. If you do not have a copy of the blood test results please contact us immediately.

How likely is this to happen?

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) has advised that should the UK leave the EU  without a deal, there would be important implications for pet owners wishing to travel overseas with their animals.

Clients are advised to be prepared. If we do end up as an unlisted third country it may be too late to organise travel for your pet immediately after Brexit.

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